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July 2019 - August 2019

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I wanted a place where I could talk more freely and in greater length about what I’m up to. I also find that building websites is a fun form of self expression, which I think can be fun for other people to see too.

what I built

This website. It is built with ReactJS, GatsbyJS, and CosmicJS. 

how it works

This is a little interesting, because the website is basically a template on the code level. Very few things are actually typed into the site code itself. In fact, pretty much everything is pulled from Contentful, a CMS. In fact, I didn’t even write this page at all! Well, that’s half true. I wrote it in Contentful, but in the code, I just defined the layout and let gatsby do the heavy lifting. For the homepage, the projects page, and the contact page, I used Gatsby’s internal GraphQL layer to query Contentful and pull the relevant data. What this means, is that if you downloaded my Contentful space(which you can do) and cloned my GitHub repository(which you can), you can swap out my data with your own and it would basically function the same. It would be very obviously a clone because some of the color transitions are hardcoded, but you could definitely make an alright portfolio site based off of it.