bomb climb

time to complete

October 2015- January 2016

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When I was a sophomore in high school, I thought that I wanted to be a game designer and so, I started to learn how to do it. I found a game engine called unity3d and started learning. After learning for about a month, I decided that I would try my hand building a simple mobile game.

what I built

The game was called bomb climb, and the goal was to tab bombs that appeared randomly on the screen and hold them to gain speed. You had to let go before you actually touched the bomb, or else you would blow up. I built it in unity3d, writing in C#/Java. 


The results weren’t what I was hoping for, but they were good nonetheless. I released it to both the Android and iOS app stores, so my friends could download and try it out. I was really cool to see the thing I created on other people’s devices. I even added an online scoreboard to the game, so all users could see how they were doing in relation to other players, which I think helped build a sense of competition. Of course, I was hoping to become the next big app developer, which did not happen. In retrospect, that wasn't going to happen, but the learning experience and the feeling of learning and then applying new skills in a production level product was amazing.

what I learned

I learned that game design was not for me, at least as a career. I realized that, while it was fun to learn about how to make things and it was really cool to see other people’s enjoyment of those things, I really wanted to help solve real issues people have. I decided that in the future, I would try to apply my eagerness to learn new skills to real issues and possibly get to see my creations have a real, lasting impact.